Dream / Noise pop

"Frantic guitar riffs over danceable rhythms that just sound bold and grand" (we all want someone)

Lola Marsh

Contemporary Folk rock

"They've secured their slot as among the world's top indie folk bands" (Music uncovered)

Less Acrobats

Neo-Psychedelia pop

"Touchy melodic indie-pop with the most intriguing vocals" (NRG)

Efrat Ben Zur

Indie Folk

"Vocally Ben Zur sounds somewhat similar to Joanna Newsome swimming in reverb." (Examiner)



"This band creates great summer music that follows the likes of The Shins in its carefree harmonies and choruses" (Polar Sun Spots).


Alternative-Psych Rock

"a remarkable collection that, while it treads widely-covered ground, is also sharp, inventive and most importantly, unpredictable" (Pitchfork)

Vaadat Charigim


"Phased guitars, tidal dynamics and post-punk monotone vocals" (Pitchfork)

Tiny Fingers

Transformers / Space Rock

"An explosive mixture" (BBC)

The Secret Sea

Indie Folk

"Amit strums so astonishingly well that he almost hypnotizes you" (The Blind Janitor)

Garden City Movement

Future Beats Pop

"Sharp notes ring out, falling like suspended water droplets that form a babbling brook, all that remains as the final coda crumbles" (Pitchfork)


Forward Electronica

"The Ultimate party starters" (Q Magazine)


Indie-Singer Songwriter Electronic

"Couch Surfer" continues their stride with a fully fleshed out digital take on a downtempo Portishead tip. This is a majorly big tune. (Urban Outfitters)

Rotem Or

Contemporary Electronic

"Dive into wonderful, dreamy, future-folk" (Mercedes Benz Mixtape)