About Anova Music Studios

Anova studios were founded in January 2006 in Tel Aviv, Israel. The studios cover an area of 120 square meters which is carefully designed and planned to maximize the acoustic potential. Anova maintains the most highest standards of recording, while creating a inventive work space. The Studios possess a range of state of the art gear which combines a variety of vintage equipment. Anova studios are constantly reaching out to a wide range of artists and musical endeavors, from unsigned bands to up-and-coming producers & engineers. Anova studios often succeed in exceeding the expectations of artists and producer, when giving the professional and generous attention and delivering the finest results.

Anova's team is working hard to protect and carry on the tradition of technical creativity and excellence. A combination of experienced staff and brilliant recording space make up this unique, comfortable and creative sanctuary. This special environment has attracted and continues to attract the cream of the crop in the music world. Anova Recording Studios is a haven of creativity, a place where recording artists can come and work in peace . Somehow Anova Studios sprinkle magic dust on the tracks.

Contact Us / Mobile: 0525.741.330

Anova Studio Videos 


The Secret Sea

The Secret Sea 2013

The Tractor's Revenge

Ma Le'ahuvee 2013


Too Many Organs 2013


Sparks EP 2013


Second Hand Love 2012

The Secret Sea

Not About Us (EP) 2012

Efrat Ben Zur

Robin 2012


A Swarm of Details into Your Umbilical Cord (LP+CD) 2012

Yair Yona

World Behind Curtains 2012

Nili Fink

Nili Fink 2011

The Tractor's Revenge

Nish'ar Rak Larutz 2011

Yuppies with Jeeps

Leopard Skin Summer 2011

Underwater Firemen

Oh Tidal Wave (EP) 2011


Songs They Taught Electra (EP) 2011


Teasing Nature 2010

Albert Beger

Peacemaker 2010


Heartbreaks For Fools 2010


The Wonderful World 2010

Uzi Navon

Uzi Navon & Acquaintances 2010

Adir and the girls

Adir and the girls 2010

The Secret Sea

Paper Cuts (EP) 2009

Ninet Tayeb

Communicative 2009

The Secret Sea

Last Night When I Tried To Sleep I Felt The Ocean With My Fingertips 2009

Eli Rozen

Kol Hamekomot Haeleh 2009

Yair Yona

Remember 2009


Here For Now 2009