• Zikney Tzfat

    "Lo Hayu Dvarin Meolam" New Album By Zikney Tzfat. Listen Here! and buy the CD or Vinyl Here.

  • Anova Music @ Primavera Sound Festival 2014

    The Secret Sea / Vaadat Charigim / LolaMarsh will perform in Primavera Sound Festival 2014. More info here.

  • Anova Music @ Reeperbahn Festival 2013

    3421 + MISS RED / Soda Fabric / HELFER will perform in Reeperbahn Festival. More info here.

  • The Tractor's Revenge

    The Tractor's Revenge released new album "Ma Le'ahuvee" - Buy it now.

  • Vaadat Charigim

    Vaadat Charigim Signs With Anova Music. Listen here and visit their Facebook page.

  • Too Many Organs - Rockfour New Album

    Listen Here! and Buy the LP Here.

  • Rockfour Will Release A New Album In May

    First Single Here!

    Pre Order The New Album and get combo of LP, CD And For Fans Only 2 Special Edition.

  • Electra Tours Germany

    Electra will be touring Germany between 18th of April - 2nd of May. Dates and venues will be announced soon.

  • Like us @ Facebook !

    Facebook :: Twitter :: Youtube

  • Start All Over by Electra

    Electra Released New Video Clip :: Start All Over :: from the new album launch @ The Barby Tel aviv. 

  • Save The Date :: 21-2-2013 :: Anova Music Night

    Save The Date 21-2-2013 :: Anova Music Night @ Ozen Bar, Tel Aviv. 
    Featuring Rockfour :: Electra :: The Olives :: Chanan Ben Simon and more.

  • "Sparks" by 3421

    3421 Released New Video Clip :: 3421 - Sparks - Live @ Anova Music Studios

  • Electtra Releases New Album :: Second Hand Love

    The new Electra album "Second Hand Love" is out now at Anova music store.
    Order the limited edition 10' special package CD signed by the band.

  • Electra Signed with Tapete Booking

    Congrats Electra for signing with Tapaete booking from Germany! More Details Soon...

  • Festival Season

    Anova Music will be attending Berlin Music Week with Electra, Reeperbahn Festival, Culture Collide with Efrat Ben Zur and CMJ. If you're around come say hi!

  • Efrat Ben Zur Tours The US

    Efrat Ben Zur and her band will be touring the US this October with her latest album, Robin, a collection of Emily Dickinson's Poems Composed by Efrat Ben Zur. The Band will be touring between the 7th-20th of October and will be performing at the Culture Collide Festival and the Emily Dickinson Museum. 

  • Electra Tours Germany

    Next month, Electra will be touring Germany between 7th-15th  of September and will be performing at the Berlin Music Week and the Ramasuri Rock Festival. For more info click here.


  • Anova Artists to perform in the Jerusalem Music Conference

    Rockfour, Izabo, Eatliz & Electra will be performing at the Jerusalem Music Conference's Showcase that will take place between the 27-30 of August. All the details, dates and hours here.

  • Izabo Album Release Show

    Izabo will be celebrating the release of their new album "Life is on My Side" at the Barby club on 18.7 at 21:30. Special Guest: Ninet Tayeb. Tickets and all the info here.

  • Pre Order Izabo's new album "Life is on My Side"

    Izabo returns with a fresh and new CD including the singles "Summer Shade" and "I Like It" and the Israeli Eurovision song "Time" . Pre Order it now from our online store.

  • Amit Erez & The Secret Sea's New EP

    we're more than happy to let you know that Amit and his new band released a new Ep called "Not About Us" which is now avaiable on our online store. for the physical CD go here, for the digital version go here.

  • Record Store Day this weekend!

    We are also celebrating "Record Store Day" on Saturday, and you can find our music catalog in all stores across the country. Also in the "Shesek bar" you can find the vinyls we released (Kitzu, Yair Yona, Uzi Navon and Electra) for sale. Buy any product on our online store this weekend and get The new Anova samler and "Indienegev Live" FOR FREE !

  • Kitzu's new Single and Album is out!

    Kitzu released their second single "Curious" from their new album. Check it out here. Also, the album "A Swarm of Details into your Umbilical Cord" is finally out! You can buy it only on Vinyl and get for free the CD version.

  • Eatliz China & Hong Kong Tour

    Eatliz will be making their debut tour in China and Hong Kong after signing with Panda Artist Management. The band will be performing at the JUE Music + Art Festival, the largest urban festival in China, both in Beijing and Shanghai, with additional shows in Hong Kong. Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan and Changsha. Eatliz's creative vision has already been recognized with multiple awards in China after winning several awards from film and animation festivals as 11th Sichuan TV Festival, China Xiamen International Animation Festival and China International Animation and Digital Arts Festival for "Hey" music video.

    Eatliz Full tour Dates:
    17.3 Guangzhou @ 191space w/Turtle Giant (Macau)
    18.3 Hong Kong @ Hidden agenda w/Turtle Giant (Macau)
    19.3 Changsha @ Freedom House
    20.3 Wuhan @ Vox
    21.3 Wed Nanjing @ 61 House
    22.3 Thu Hangzhou @ 9 Club
    23.3 Shanghai @ Yuyintang (JUE | Hear + See) w/Yourboyfriendsucks! (Guangzhou), Battle Cattle (Shanghai)
    24.3 Music Video and Animation Screening and Q&A with Eatliz @ The Hutong
    25.3 Beijing @ Tango (JUE | Hear + See) w/Devil Music Ensemble (USA)



  • Efrat Ben Zur's New Single "Robin" is out !

    Robin is the first single from Efrat Ben Zur's new Project - Emily Dickinson Songs which Ben Zur wrote the music for. The new album will be out in March.

  • PRE ORDER World Behind Curtains by Yair Yona

    Yair Yona's Second album "World Behind Curtains" will be out on Feb 14. You can Pre Order it now here and get it before everyone.
    Also, you can buy the digital album here.

  • Kitzu European Tour

    Kitzu were brave enoght to go on a European Tour in the middle of the freezing winter. Here you can check out all the tour dates, and on their facebook page you can follow their tour experiances, photos and exclusive new song soon.

  • Yuppies With Jeeps - The Remixes

    The new Yuppies with Jeeps album "Leopard Skin Summer" will have a B-Side project, The Remixes. Listen and download for free here the new versions of the single "Kiss My Lie". more remixes coming soon.

  • Bney Hama launching their new album

    Ohad Fishof and Ishay Adar (former members of Nosei Hamigbaat) will be launching their new album this month.
    14/1 - Tmuna Theater, TLV, 22:00
    19/1 - Yellow Submarine, Jerusalem, 22:00.

    Make sure to purchase your tickects upfront!!!

  • Yuppies with Jeeps "Leopard Skin Summer" Launching Shows!

    Yuppies will be launching their new album this month and the next month in TLV and Jerusalem.
    18/1 - Haezor, TLV, 21:00
    1/2 - Yellow Submarine, Jerusalem, 22:00.
    Here are all the details you need to know.

  • Uzi Navon Cross Country Tour

    Uzi Navon and Acquaintances are going on a cross country tour this Tuesday. Check all their tour dates here, and be sure not to miss them and be a part of the fun.

  • Special Discounts on all Anova's 2011 music catalog in stores only for January

    All our 2011 albums are now on discount in all music stores. Don't miss it, grab them all today! Here are our artists picks for albums of the year.

  • Yai Yona's new song for FREE download

    Yair Yona will be releasing his new album next month "World Behind Curtains", and here you can download for free his new single "It's not the heat (it's the humidity)". Also, check out Yair's fav albums of 2011 here.


    Anova wishes you all a happy new year, full of great music, new beginnings, happiness, joy and lots of love!
    May this year be great, fulfilling and prosperous to all of us !!!

  • Anova wishes you all Happy Hanukkah

    From all of us at Anova Music, Happy holidays! check out the video we did for hanukkah here, and go to our online store for many discounts and sales especially for the end of the year.

  • Bney Hama's new album

    Ohad Fishof and Ishay Adar (formerly in "Nosei Hamigbaat") released their debut album "Bney Hama" and you can order it at our online store now.

  • New Amit Erez Song

    Amit Erez is working on a new album with a new band and they'll start touring together in the begining of next year. This is his new song "Whenever the sun comes" from the upcoming album.

  • New CD's on our online store

    Check out our online store for many new albums including The Tractor's Revenge, Nili Fink, Yuppies with Jeeps, In D Negev live and Electra on Vinyl.

  • Nili Fink's new album Launch Show

    Nili Fink will launch her new album on 17/11 at Bar Yochai 17 Loft (near Bar Yochai Cafe). Entering the show will be available by buying her new album on our online store or at the Loft's entrance.

  • In D Negev Live Festival CD

    A new CD from Israel's biggest Indie Festival - In D Negev which takes place every year in the Negev dessert. Recorded live @ In D Negev 2010, The best of the festival is now on sale at our online store. come have a taste of what it's all about.

  • Electra's Heartbreaks For Fools on Vinyl

    Heartbreaks for fools, Electra's debut album, is now for sale on Vinyl, at our online store. New cover for the album, great price, buy it now !

  • Electra @ Culture Collide Festival and CMJ

    Electra got great reviews after touring the west coast and a bit of the east in the U.S. They entered the CMJ's Sick 50 bands and were picked as one of Culture Collide's must see acts.

  • Electra US Tour Dates Announced

    Electra are set to leave next week for their US tour, here are the final dates.

  • Izabo are nominated for an MTV award

    Izabo are nominated for best Israeli act on MTV. Vote now

  • Rockfour Opened for Zombies and played with Robyn Hitchcock

    Rockfour have had a memorable few weeks. From opening for the Zombies in Tel Aviv to playing with Robyn Hitchcock.Check out the Hitchcock collaboration here.

  • Eatliz & Consider the Source (NY) Tour in Israel

    After touring together in the US, Consider the Source, a funk trio from NY will travel to Israel to join Eatliz on a double feature tour in October.
    The exact tour dates are here.

  • Electra @ Culture Collide Festival

    Electra are gearing up for a US tour in October in which they will also perform at Filter Magazin's Culture Collide Festival on October. more details soon.

  • Interpol in Israel - Tickets on Sale!

    opening Act: A long waited reunion of Carmela Gross & Wagner 

    30/8/11, Ganey Hata'aruha (Beitan 1), TLV, at 21:00 pm. tickets now on Eventim, or by phone *9066

  • Izabo's New Summer Single

    Izabo have signed with 100% records, the UK label who have worked with Gossip, Moby, etc. Here’s your sneak preview of Izabo’s summer video and single - Summer Shade. For more info on this diverse band go to the band's site.

  • Watch Anova's Two Shuki's On Israeli Channel 8 - Hayanshufim

    Shuki G. and Shuki P. were interviewed for channel 8 Series "Hayanshufim". Watch it Here

  • The Tractor Revenge Return with a New Single After 8 Years!

    The new single is called "Nishar Rak Larutz" from the upcoming album that will be released on Septemnber.

  • Yuppies With Jeeps return with "Shak Li Basheker"

    Yuppies with Jeeps return with a new single "Shak Li Basheker" from their upcoming album.

  • Bnei HaMa will release their new album in Anova

    The duo Ohad Fishof and Ishay Adar (former members of "Nosei Hamigbaat) will release their new album at the end of August. The first single will be release next month, until then, here's a sneak peek.

  • Electra USA Tour- SXSW. N.Y and Washington !

    03/16 Austin, TX Spiderhouse 1:30 pm

    03/16 Austin, TX SXSW: Anova Music Showcase @ Easy Tiger 12AM

    03/19 Austin, TX Spiderhouse 1 pm

    03/19 Austin, TX The East Village 8PM

    03/21 Brooklyn, Braur Falls 9 pm

    03/23 New York, Piano’s 9 pm

    03/24 Brooklyn, Bar Machless 11 pm

    03/26 Washington, Kennedy center, Millennium stage 6 pm

  • Eatliz USA Tour Dates - CMW, SXSW and more!

    03/16 Austin, TX SXSW - Music videos show @ Alamo's screening theatre 12PM

    03/16 Austin, TX SXSW: Anova Music Showcase @ Easy Tiger 11PM

    03/17 Austin, TX– The Ginger Man 3PM

    03/18 Austin, TX Music Gorrilla showcase@ Treasure Island 9PM

    03/18 Austin, TX SXSW "Invasion of the GoGirls" @ Trophy's 11:50PM

    03/19 - 04/02 - Full US tour w/Consider The Source:

    03/19 Denton, TX @ Hailey's 9PM

    03/21 Austin, TX @ HeadHunters 9PM

    03/23 Atlanta GA @ The 5 Spot 8:30PM

    03/24 Columbia, SC @ The House 8:30PM

    03/25 Athens, GA @ Caledonia Lounge 9PM

    03/26 Savannah, GA @ The Wormhole 10PM

    03/27 Fayetteville, NC @ The Rock Shop Music Hall 9PM

    03/28 House party @ Richmond VA 9PM

    03/29 Raleigh NC @ Pur House 9PM

    03/31 Buffalo, NY @ Nietzche's 10PM

    04/01 New York, NY @ Best Buy Union Square 4PM

    04/01 New York, NY @ City Winery 8:30PM

    04/02- Albany NY @ Red Square 10PM

    04/06 Toronto, ON The Rivoli (w/Everyone's talking) 10PM

  • Anova Party This Friday @ Rotchild 12

    This Friday, 4/3/11 we are having a cool noon Anova Party @ Rotchild 12, Tel Aviv. Beer, Merch, Good Music, with performances of our artists: Eatliz, Rockfour, Uzi Navon, Electra, Kitzu and Underwater Firemen. so, this Friday starting 12:00pm, And it's all for 20 SHEKELS !!! you can get more info on the facebook event.

  • Electra's New Covers EP is Out !!!

    Electra's new EP "Songs They Taught Electra" is out. You can buy the CD on our online store here, or buy the digital release here.

  • Itamar Ziegler @ Haozen Hashlishit Store

    Itamar Ziegler came for a short visit, and you can see him perform at the Third Ear Store on the 11.2 at 14:00. This is his only show for this visit, and it's free so be sure to check it out !

  • Electra with a new video for Radio on and a special private show

    Electra has a new cool live video for their song "Radio on". The video was shot at Anova Music Studios. You can watch it here. And to promote their new E.P, Electra will perform at our studios on the 17.2. This will be a private, closed show, only for fans and press. Register here, and you might get a chance to be there !

  • Eatliz's new and amazing video for Lose This Child

    Eatliz return with another amazing stop motion video, directed by Yuval & Merav Nathan.You can watch it here

  • Yair Yona's Remember on Vinyl

    Yair Yona released his debut album "Remember" on Vinyl! This is a limited edition, 300 copies only silk-screen LP.

    You can purchase the vinyl on our online store

  • Yair Yona's new Bootleg

    Although it is not a real bootleg because Yair Yona is recording the shows and uploading them to the web, but the lo-fi recording give it the quality of a real bootleg.You can find those bootlegs on Yona's Bandcamp page.

  • Uzi Navon live @ the Zolelet

    Uzi Navon and acquaintances will be performing at the Zolelet Zehuba in Jerusalem on the 15.12, as part of the TV show for channel 1 "Live at the Zolelet", which is hosted by Sha'anan Street from Hadag Nahash. This is a free show, so be sure to check it out!

  • Eatliz's New Single - Got It

    Eatliz released their second single, Got it, from their upcoming album - Teasing Nature. you can hear the song here, and buy the new album on our online store.

  • Electra's new video - Dawn of Summer

    Electra released a new video to the song Dawn of summer from the album Heartbreaks for fools. It's pretty cool, check it out here.

  • Pre Order Eatliz's new album Teasing Nature

    The new album 'Teasing Nature' will be released on the 19th of December. You can pre order it now through our online store.

    The album will be released in two editions:

    - The new 'Teasing nature' album

    - A deluxe digipack edition that includes the album and a special live show DVD

    * Buy now the new album/digipack and get the older albums half price!

  • A Biz With Eatliz - Cool new competition !

    We want to tell you about "A Biz with Eatliz"- a special competition Eatliz are having for their fans. young talented artists and bands are invited to send a cover of a song by Eatliz to the band's facebook page. The cover should be a creative interpretation of any of the band's songs. also you can attach a link of your own original music. The band or person that will get the most votes (the most "likes" on facebook) will win a full day of recording in the Anova Music studios. Or bahir and Guy Ben Shetrit from Eatliz will help produce the music that will be recorded.

  • Rockfour Tour India

    Rockfour will be touring India from the 20-26 of October, and will perform in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai. More Details Here

  • Izabo Joined Anova Music

    We are really glad to announce that the great Israeli band Izabo has joined our Label and will be performing at the CMJ Music Festival in N.Y this month. Here are the details:

    18.10 – Nublu, 21:0019.10 – CMJ showcase, 20:0020.10 –Drom, Israeli showcase, 20:00

  • Eatliz's New Album Coming Soon!

    Get a sneak peek of Eatliz's New Album. Click Here to watch it now !

  • Itamar Ziegler's New Album Is Out Now !!!

    Itamar Ziegler's 3rd album - Memories Of Now, is out, and you can (and should!) buy it in our store

  • Albert Beger's New Album

    Albert Beger will release his new album Peacemaker on September 15th. For more information visit this link

  • Electra's new album now out!

    Electra, the power-pop trio who's been around for couple of years now, have released their new album Heartbreaks For Fools.

    Heartbreaks is a supreme collection of pop-rock songs, bringing the spirit of The Jam, The Clash and Johnny Thunders to their music

    For more details see here

  • Eatliz Will Play Primavera Sound 2010 in Spain!!!!

    Eatliz is confirmed to play Primavera sound 2010, one of Europe biggest alternative festivals! They will play on the 29.5!

  • חידון רוקפור הגדול

    רוקפור מזמינה אתכם להשתתף בחידון רוקפור הגדול, לרגל צאת האלבום החדש העולם המופלא

    40 מהפותרים נכונה על כל השאלות יזכו בדיסק החדש, חתום על ידי הלהקה.

    פותר נוסף יזכה במארז עם כל אלבומי הלהקה!

    הכנסו ללינק

  • US Release for Remember!

    Yair Yona's Remember will be released in August with US label Strange Attractors. The label have released the albums of guitarists Steffen Basho-Junghans, Glenn Jones and his band Cul De Sac. Also in the catalog, post rock and alternative-experimental bands such as Kinski, Paik and F/I and more. The US edition will be released on digipack and will contain a bonus track that doesn't appear in the original release

  • A track by Yair Yona to feature in a Robbie Basho tribute album

    A track by Yair Yona to feature in a Robbie Basho tribute album.

    The album, will be released by Important Records next month, will include Yona's song Skinny Fists in an early version. The song will be included in the digital version of the album

  • Electra - New Single Is Out!!!

    Electra is among the new recruits of Anova Records, and today (8.3) we're releasing a new single – Coming To Get You!Electra has been around the Israeli alternative scene for quite some time now but the upcoming June album will be their first.The first single is very much in the Electra tradition where it perfectly mixes pop, rock, punk and ska into a 3:30 minutes song, coz who needs more then that anyway

    You can download the single + a cool b-side to Desmond Dekker's old hit The Israelites in the band's website.

  • Balloon - Kitzu's New Single

    Hey Everyone,

      We're proud to present Kitzu's first single "Balloon" from the upcoming Album "Hol"!

      The Jerusalem band gives you the kinda music you wanna hear to relax, the soundtrack of your dreams!


  • New!

    Hi there,

    We just got a bunch of great new products in our store:

    Uzi Navon and acquaintance are finnaly selling their brand new debut album. you can reach it in both physical and digital format A-N-D now also on Vynil.

    Eatliz also having some new fresh meat in their butcher shop; Delicately violent, the new E.P is now on sale un both pyshical and digital formats.

    And last but definitely not least, we got really cool new T-Shists of Amit Erez and Eatliz in a very limited edition. Be the first to buy them, or you will fund yourself pointing at poeple while you're mumbling "I should have bought one but i was too lazy".

    So go ahead guys, the store is just next door.

  • Attractive - Clip of the decade - By Eatliz


  • She's Not There - Uzi Navon releases a new single


  • Amit Erez discography for free

    Amit Erez has decided to give two of his previous albums - Black Light EP and Amit Erez for free download on Bandcamp. You can also find his Wish I Could Make it a Story in the "Free Goodies" section on your right.

  • Eatliz and Eli Rozen's new websites

    Both Eatliz and Eli Rozen launched their new websites this week, and they're celebrating the occasion by giving presents.

    Eli Rozen offers his debut "All These Place" for free download to his mailing list subscribers.

    Eatliz' debut, "Violently Delicate" is available for free download on their new website, and they're also offering music from thir upcoming digital EP, "Delicately Violent", for mailing list subscribers.

  • Uzi Navon and Aquaintances first single is out

    Lo Avater Al Atzmi is an unrequited love song, a theme that every man or woman can relate to. It's a funk ballad, that combines loud pop music elements as well as thrilling, heart – melting, keyboard licks.

    The Single is a harbinger of their long lost album, that will be reissued by us, here at Anova Records, and will be released during November 2009.

  • Amit Erez' second single

    After the immediate entry of the first single, Secret Cards, to Galgalatz' night playlist, and frequent plays in other stations, We're happy to reveal the second single, Animal Heart.

    While Secret Cards is a stirring rock- pop hit, Animal Heart is more mellow and soft, and is lead by Omri Behr's dominant Fender Rhodes keyboard, and the slow, heavy groove of the rhythm section - Barak Kram (drums - Metropolin, O'nilli) and Dudi Bareket (Bass).

    In Animal Heart, Amit Erez demonstrates the same perceptive observance that signified him in his previous albums.

  • Anova Music Blog

    After two years of activity, Anova Music has gathered a nationwide recognition in the Israeli music scene, and also in other places around the world. Now we're ready to launch Anova's new music blog.

    And what will the blog contain? Thanks for asking. Live videos of recordings being made in the studio, thoughts of the Anova crew, things our artists has to say, talking about music and great album, first exposure to video clip, exclusive audio tracks and much much more.

  • Amit Erez' new album is out

    A year and a half after releasing his acclaimed debut, Amit Erez's new albumindicates a new level of progression of one of Israel's most innovative and influential musiciains.

    Last Night When I Tried to Sleep I Felt The Ocean With My Fingertips was released on June 1st by Anova Music.

  • Eli Rozen releases his debut album

    Kol Hamekomot Haeleh is Eli Rozen's anticipated debut. As an artist, eli is influenced by great lyricists such as Charles Bukowski, Raymond Carver and Yehuda Amichai, and musicians that never cease to reinvent such as Radiohead, Bjork, Noir Desir and Blond Redhead.

    In honor of the new release, Eli is launching a new website, dedicated to the album, where the stories behind the songs, places that are meaningful to Eli and much more can be found.

    On 13th of May Eli is having his launch show in Tmuna Theatre, accompanied by a string quartet.

  • Eatliz' Hey animation music video won the Spike Lee prize in the Tribeca film

    Hey animation music video was selected in the animation category over 651 finalists competing at the Babelgum online video contest (in collaboration with the Tribeca film festival). Guy Ben Shetrit, Animator, Director and leader of the Israeli Band Eatliz, received the 20,000 Euro prize from film director Spike Lee, who was honorary judge in the contest. The prize was handed in a festive ceremony on Monday, April 27th, during the Tribeca film festival.

  • Amit Erez' first international digital release

    Summer Conquered by Rain is a compilation of songs from Amit Erez' debut album and from the Black Light EP. The album got excellent reviews and numerous radio plays in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The great exposure Amit received lays the ground for Amit's upcoming album and EU tour.

  • Noa Babayof to perform at Canadian Music Week festival

    Noa Babayof, who lives and tours in the United States for the last six months, will perform next week (March 12th) at the Canadian Music Week festival in Toronto, Canada.This is a major festival, showcasing more veteran artists along with new talents. Among the names that will perform this year: Bloc Party, The Ting Tings, Papa Roach, The Holy Fuck.

  • Yair Yona's Debut album is now out

    Yair Yona's debut album – "Remember" – was released on March 1st through Anova records."Remember" is an instrumental album, much influenced by Mississippi Delta Blues, Country Blues and Ragtime – but delivers a special, personal interpretation on these genres. "Remember" is available in stores and as a digital download through Anova's website.Yair is currently on tour in support of his debut album's release.

  • Red David's Harp - New Yuppies with Jeeps album

    Six years after their debut album, Yuppies with Jeeps are back with an up to date and complex new record - Red David's Harp.  Although it goes through 11 songs in only 23 minutes, the record is a complete and unique work, very different from their first album, in a style that may be described as "acoustic punk".

    Along with the second LP's release, Anova re-issued Yuppies' first album, The Sword is Within and the Famine Without, that was out of print. Both records are offered for sale in Anova's online store, both in a digital and hard copy versions

  • Eatliz' latest single "Hey" out in Europe

    In late February Eatliz' latest single "Hey" – was released for distribution throughout Europe. Along with its release to radio and media, the single and accompanying video are now available for purchase through digital stores throughout Europe. In the coming months Eatliz plan on following the release with a European tour.

  • First Single for Eli Rozen – Available for Free Download

    Eli Rozen released his first single – "Can't Write Poetry". This is the first, intriguing taste out of his debut album – "All These Places" – which will be out early May via Anova. The new single will be available as a free download for a limited time.

  • Anova Presents: What We Listened to This Year

    Cheers, and a happy new year

    As 08' comes to a close, we thought you might be interested in what went through our MP3/CD/Tape/Computer Players this past year.

    So we made a podcast - all the artists in Anova (along with Anova workers themselves). Some of us regarded it as a "Best of 08" compilation, while others just chose their most-played-tracks-this-year.

    The result is in the following link:


    Hope You'll enjoy it!

  • Eatliz – ''Hey'' Video – Now online!

    After a long wait, the new Eatliz video is finally out! "Hey" was conceived and directed by Guy Ben-Shitrit, the band's guitar player and main creative force.The video is available in high quality on Eatliz's official web site http://eatliz.com ,


  • Eatliz's ''Attractive'' video wins first place at ''OurStage'' site

    We're happy to announce that the ''Attractive'' video grabbed first place at OurStage website, under the ''Pop Video'' category. The video, directed by Yuval and Meirav Natan (the team responsible for Amit Erez's ''Postcard'' video and recently also Gilad Cahana's latest video), is also being played on MTV Europe in the last few weeks. >OurStage website<

  • Eatliz to release new animated video

    After more than a year of work, Eatliz are now finishing a brand new eye-popping video for the song "Hey". The video was created by Eatliz's own guitar player/main songwriter (also a talented animator) Guy Ben-Shitrit, in collaboration with Aiko animation studio. The video will be launched at a special show on Nov. 25th at the Tel Aviv Barby club.For more details check out Eatliz.com (where you can also watch a short teaser for the upcoming video!)

  • Amit Erez to perform at Piano Festival with special guest Amir Lev

    On 13/11/08, Amit Erez will perform as part of the Tel Aviv "Piano Festival" with new and special arrangements. Accompanied by Shira Shaked (Piano), Yehu Yaron (Double bass) and Yael Shapira (Cello), Amit will perform songs from his two acclaimed albums in a different, surprising atmosphere.Amit will also collaborate on stage with one of his favourite Israeli singer-songwriters: Amir Lev, and alternative singer Rotem Or.

  • Yuppies with Album

    6 years after their meritorious debut album, the uncompromised Jerusalem based  band "Yuppies with Jeeps" (Yappim Im Jeepim) returned with a brand new project.

    "Nevel David Addom" is a dark rollercoaster with 22min and 11 songs, which the band describes as an "Acoustic punk" and it will released at Anova records on November 2008.

  • New Eatliz Video coming November!

    Right in this very moment, Eatliz and top Israeli animation studios are finishing the final touches on a new, breathtaking (and that's an understatement!) video, for Hey , taken from Eatliz' debut LP. Just a little more patience, people!

  • Eatliz sign on to German and Austrian distribution!

    Eatliz' acclaimed debut LP 'Violently Delicate' (released in Israel via Anova Records in Oct. 2007), will be released in Germany and Austria in October.

    First single "Attractive" will be released early September (right about now!)

  • New Ruth Dolores Weiss album - Out Now!

    After much anticipation, Ruth Dolores Weiss' brand new album "BeIvrit" ("In Hebrew") is out today! The album can be purchased via our website, in both physical and digital formats, and is now available in music stores around Israel.

  • Anova Music launches a new web-store!

    We’re glad to tell you that of today, all the Anova’s artists merchandise, is available to purchase through the website. If you’re fancy with shirts, Cd’s, Mp3’s, pins – it’s all here. Buy our stuff, we’ll love you

  • Ruth Dolores Weiss - A new album!

    Ruth Dolores Weiss is a special and unique musician who will release her second album “Be’Ivrit” with Anova Records. Her first album “Come See” was very successful in the indie crowd and received fabulous responses.

  • Amit Erez is giving away a free album

    Also, as a special treat for our new website, Amit is giving his debut album “Wish I Could Make It A Story” for a free download, exclusively in our website.

    Download -Here-

  • Amit Erez was invited to play Italia Wave Love Festival

    Amit was invited to share the main stage in the last day of the fest, with the legendary Chemical Brothers. The show was wonderful and the entire fest was a real joy!

  • Noa Babayof has finished her northeast tour

    Noa Babayof, who launched her debut “From A Window To A Wall” in the US about a month and a half ago, had aprox. 3 weeks of northeast tour with the wonderful Sharon Van Etten. The tour went successfully and there are wonderful reviews about the album. Check it out.