Efrat Ben Zur


Efrat Ben Zur, the acclaimed Israeli singer and actress, released her debut album "Diving" in 2001 and her second album "Efrat Ben Zur" in 2006; both albums received enthusiastic reviews.

Besides her music career, Efrat graduated Nissan Nativ's prestigious acting studio, she's a leading actress in the "Gesher Theatre" and has appeared in various films and hit TV series such as "Pillars of Smoke" & "Parashat Hashavu'a".

Ben Zur's new album "Robin" was released at the end of March and it's emerging as one of the most impressive works of the year.
It's a collection of Emily Dickinson's poems composed by Ben Zur.
The result is songs blessed with her magical touch which take you on a sorceress journey. The release of the first single, "Robin" was embraced by radio stations and the media as did the entire album.