“I was seduced by this album upon first listen. The Eatliz madness combine sweet, bitter and sophisticated unconventional performance, who offer us a complex and indefinable pop / rock”
(Magic Fire Music magazine, France)

“A musical cocktail of jazz, crossover, alternative, pop, metal and prog rock..."
(Terrorverlag – Alternative music Webzine, Germany)

“Eatliz carries on from Violently Delicate with the same high quality production and creativity that made them my year-end favorites last year. The music is still dense with interesting tempo changes and abstract lyrical meanings”.
(awmusic music magazine, Canada)

“Extremely dreamlike moments, with an oriental twist”
(Headquarter magazine, Germany)

"If you had to sum up this amazing band in two words, then nothing does it better than the title of their debut release – “Violently Delicate"... everyone should give these guys a listen".
“Songs, Life and Bad Melodrama” [Australia]