Anova Music, or Who Are We?

Established in 2006, Anova Music is one of the leading music companies in Israel, representing a wide variety of top Israeli independent artists in the local and international market.

Anova handles all the artistic and business aspects of its artists, by providing them everything from studio to publishing, together with booking services and international development.
Anova’s primary aim is creating and producing quality music content and export it to other territories.


The Anova Records division coordinates all the technical production aspects of new album releases for its exclusive artists; from post-production and manufacturing to launch,promotion and marketing.


A cornerstone of Anova’s policy is marketing its artists. Anova aggressively invests in developing and maintaining its vital ties in the global and domestic music and entertainment industry. After establishing a strong network of partners, one of Anova's top priorities is to constantly expose our artists nationally and internationally.

This extremely busy department books nationwide concerts as well as worldwide tours which have included North America, Europe and Asia and major festival performances; Sziget (Hungary), Paleo (Switzerland), Primavera Sound (Spain), EXIT (Serbia), Jue Festival (China) and many more.


Aiming to maximize the potential of our handpicked roster, Anova Music Publishing is rapidly establishing itself as the leading Israeli independent music publisher, offering a global copyright administration, creative and synch/licensing services.

While licensing music has traditionally been time-consuming and costly for all of us, we offer our clients a One Stop Clearance shop. That means that we can free you from all unnecessary bureaucracy because we own all rights needed for any clearances.

Using conditions and rates favorable to all concerned, and focusing on song placement, we maintain regular communication with top music supervisors, AD and production companies and we also provide music consulting.


Anova studios were founded in January 2006 in Tel Aviv, Israel. The studios cover an area of 120 square meters which is carefully designed and planned to maximize the acoustic potential. Anova maintains the most highest standards of recording, while creating a inventive work space. The Studios possess a range of state of the art gear which combines a variety of vintage equipment. Anova studios are constantly reaching out to a wide range of artists and musical endeavors, from unsigned bands to up-and-coming producers & engineers. Anova studios often succeed in exceeding the expectations of artists and producer, when giving the professional and generous attention and delivering the finest results.

Anova’s team is working hard to protect and carry on the tradition of technical creativity and excellence. A combination of experienced staff and brilliant recording space make up this unique, comfortable and creative sanctuary. This special environment has attracted and continues to attract the cream of the crop in the music world. Anova Recording Studios is a haven of creativity, a place where recording artists can come and work in peace . Somehow Anova Studios sprinkle magic dust on the tracks.